PSK Properties’ Criteria and Paradigm

With PSKP officers running Droopy, its “CLEP” presumably informs their decisions.  Per PSKP
PSKP exists to serve and support local PSK chapter housing initiatives, and therefore carefully considers all requests for housing assistance. To aid chapter leaders in their understanding of PSKP’s involvement criteria, PSKP has adopted the ‘CLEP’ standard of application assessment. When considering an application, PSKP carefully considers the Chapter, Location, Economics and Physical Attributes of the request:
Which includes this item
Subject property should be within 0.25 mile of any ‘Greek row’ or ‘Greek village.’
In other words, National/PSKP prefers locations other than Stanwood, since it’s on the opposite side of campus from frat row.

2 thoughts on “PSK Properties’ Criteria and Paradigm”

  1. 446 Stanwood had a phenominal location, which is why somebody paid $109,900 for it, at a time when nobody was buying property. Guys were living there for 49 years, and not being with other Greeks was not an issue. The reason that the chapter moved out was because PSKP, the organization that claimed to have owned the property, increased the parlor fee from $250 a month to $750 a month. Had PSKP had a realistic and viable business plan, the chapter would still be at 446 Stanwood, paying much less rent than they are paying now in Greek Village.

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