2007 Annual Report filed

PSKP takes over Droopy.

Mailing address of registered office is Bowker’s.

Due 10/1/07

Dated 12/5/07

Filed 3/7/08


2 thoughts on “2007 Annual Report filed”

  1. In 2007, Phi Sigma Kappa Properties announced that it had acquired the Stanwood property, but provided no specifics regarding the “transaction.” As the 2006 renovation had just occurred, it was reasonable to assume that PSKP had funded the 2006 renovation.

    We found out years later that there was no transaction, and that PSKP had no involvement with funding the renovation. Droopy Corp had borrowed the money from a bank. In 2007, individuals from PSKP became officers and directors of Droopy Corporation, the organization that was handed the property in 2005. PSKP did not assume the mortgage-that was yet another false PSKP statement.

    Glenn Roby deliberately misled the Chi Tetarton alumni when he announced that PSKP owned the property. This deception was critical in allowing them to sell the property and retain the sales proceeds. Even though PSKP sold at the bottom of the market, there was still money left over. PSKP and Droopy Corporation have made no accounting for the disposition of the sales proceeds.

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