446 Stanwood Update

I recently spoke with Evan, the PSK properties manager. Basically the outstanding debt on the property is approximately $87K. My idea is for us to raise the money needed to pay off the debt, continue allowing PSK properties to manage our asset, and have them invest the money needed for us to attract renters back into our house. Although the amount of money sounds like a lot, if one breaks it down and we get 200 people to donate a tax deductible contribution of $435.00($36.25/month for 12 months) the debt is paid. For your recognition, I would like to propose we have a plaque with a list of all the patrons assembled and presented at our 50th anniversary. This is a unique way of preserving our heritage and keeping our traditions as the longest standing chapter house at Western Michigan University.


Javier Gumucio


4 thoughts on “446 Stanwood Update”

  1. In October 2010, this same man wrote on Facebook’s Chi Tetarton alumni page, asking for people to pay alumni dues. In both July and October 2010, he asked for money. Meanwhile, in September 2010, 446 Stanwood was sold. No announcement was made of the sale-even though announcing it on Facebook would have been free.

    This again underscores the intent of our “leaders” to keep everybody in the dark. The Chi Tet guys and the PSKP guys all get an F for brotherhood. DAMN PROUD

  2. The Droopy/Chi Tet alumni “leaders” and the PSKP “leaders” score a “D-” on Business, and an “F-” on Character and Integrity. Their lies, dishonesty and secretive agenda were equally as damaging as their misguided business decisions.

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