446 Stanwood Sold

Financial Considerations

Sold By: Callander Commercial

MLS 10015032

On the market for 167 Days.


3 thoughts on “446 Stanwood Sold”

  1. Amazing. PSKP insists that the house was in poor shape, and that nobody wanted to live there. Yet their fire sale at the bottom of the market yielded $109,900. In 2010, the Michigan real estate market was in shambles. There were very few buyers, and they had a plethora of choices. Short sales and foreclosures dominated Michigan’s real estate market. Yet somebody was willing to pay $109,900 for this property. Clearly, this property had significant value if run and priced properly.

  2. Main Street Properties purchased the property for $109,900 cash. They have no problem whatsoever renting it to WMU students, and collect $20,000 per year. It’s a shame that PSKP sold at the bottom of the market. By the way, what did you do with the sales proceeds?

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