Anything to Add?

This blog seeks to document and explain the loss of the chapter’s signature asset, and its accumulated value.  Read it and weep/shake your head/shake your fist/curse the gods/curse the E-Board/curse National and/or PSKP.  Any or all. Your choice.

National, through…

[t]he PSKP board of directors understands that 446 Stanwood holds many fond memories for the Chi Tetarton alumni…

Oh really?  And to that bit of patronizing BS, some of us would apply colorful metaphors.  We have tried to keep the inflammatory opinions separate from the facts in the timeline. This is the place for any such rhetorical excesses.  Some might call it your final bitch.  Have at it.

8 thoughts on “Anything to Add?”

  1. If anybody should disagree with the information presented here, they should definitely speak up and correct it. The goal of this blog is to present the truth, and if there is an error/discrepancy, please advise.

  2. We have no capacity to seek legal action, as we did not personally own the property at 446 Stanwood. We are merely acting as a watchdog, and asking very valid questions. Therefore, Tough National Guy, please use your incredible intellect to articulate to us dummies exactly where we are misguided. We are all ears. We want to hear your side of the story. There are numerous valid questions for you to answer. The fact that you refuse to respond to these valid questions, and instead limit yourself to name calling, suggests that you do not have any legitimate answers. None of your answers hold up to any scrutiny.

  3. it’s been about 3 weeks since our National “leaders” first discovered this site. We’re still waiting for them for you guys to respond. Please enlighten us, and tell us how we have it all wrong. We most definitely would like to hear your side of the story.

  4. I checked out some of the men who are Directors of both Droopy Corp and Phi Sigma Kappa Properties. One of the guys lost a property to foreclosure, the IRS filed a lien against him, and at least 4 civil judgments against him. WOW!!!! Now the same guy has a top position at National. Because we are nice guys, we won’t post those documents here, but we have the proof.

  5. Another director of both PSKP and Droopy Corp purchased a house for $91,000 and lived there for several years. Rather than paying down his debt, he used his house as cashflow, borrowing heavily from sub-prime mortgage companies. He owed as much as $280,000 at one point. In 2011, he sold his house on a short sale for a $184,000-making the banks forfeit $90,000+. Today he is renting, just like Chi Tetarton. It’s a shame that this joker had to lead Chi Tet down the same pitiful path of financial mismanagement. Some real estate expert he is-he sure knew how to borrow, but wasn’t so good at paying it back.

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